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Amna Paryani

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, certified by Texas State board of public accountancy, Member of NCTRCA Ms. Amna has over 22 years of professional accounting, audit and tax consultancy experience including more than 12 years of international Taxation with numerous client base of overseas American IT companies and others. MsAmnaParyani specialized skills in International Tax Planning and Management and Tax Treaties and has served numerous clients with financial and tax planning. MsamnaParyani has previous experience of Compliance Audits and has done extensive work in the area of taxation with small business in Dallas Ft worth metroplex filed over 10,000 returns over past 12 years and offered accounting services for such clients.

By using USAATAX CPA firms can prepare far more tax returns and bookkeeping at a significantly lower cost, without sacrificing quality or control. The standard turnaround on a tax return is two to three business days. One day is also available if needing be.

USAATAX offers numerous advantages including increased availability of l, faster turnaround, secure online access and higher customer satisfaction and perhaps most importantly, lower cost. By outsourcing the preparation to USAATAX, an accounting firm can save up to 50% over present costs. Companies can reduce – or even eliminate – their need to increase staff during the peak tax season. By capturing and storing client tax information in digital format, CPAs are able to take advantage of the latest technology to improve workflow and speed tax preparation processes